• 5K business connections within approx 3 month
  • Highly increased visibility of your articles and profile

Start building your future now!

What is your working hour worth to you?

I make 3 clicks per second. 90K clicks takes 8h - If you make 20 USD/h this script should be worth 160 USD to you - selling it for 19 USD

How does LinkedIn(R) think about it?

See here 100 connections attempts per day should be fine. I got my connections with this script too.

How it looks like?

You see the bot in action clicking the [connect] button for you

Is this your first bot?

Checkout for 19 USD.

How to use?

Enter your linked in login data at the config.yaml file and run the script once a day for about 3 month

See detailed explanation in README.txt file contained in .zip

Checkout now

Checkout for 19 USD.


Yes in case of trouble I will try to help you set it up. Also see Money back guarantee.

What you get

  • A selenium ruby script you can run from linux or OSX after installing Ruby and selenium-driver gem and chromedriver executable.
  • Happy windows users get prepackaged executable to click on.
    That script goes to my network tab, then hits the [connect] buttons.

LGPL license - do what you want with it

Money back guarantee?

Not satisfied ? Get money back